Blogging With AdSense

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By Clarence Wang

There is a lot to be said for Google's Adsense advertising program. There's the way they match the ads to the content of your website. That gives you maximum clicks without annoying your users. There's the flexibility of changing the way the ads look. That makes your ads attract attention without turning your site into billboard.

And then there are the fat checks, of course, delivered month after month. That gives you almost anything you want.

But probably the best you almost thing about the ability to earn good revenue with AdSense is that anyone can do it. You don't need any specialized knowledge. You don't need anything... except a website.

Now, it's very easy to put up a website these days. You can buy a domain, choose a template and put it on a hosting company's server in a very short space of time. All you have to do next is fill the pages with good quality content and bring in traffic.

Easy, right?

Sure it's easy, but it does require a little bit of work and for those who have never built a site before, that process can look a bit of an obstacle.

The solution is blogging. Putting up a blog and using it for AdSense advertising is simple, fast and can give you at least as much as revenue as building a conventional website.

Blogs originally started as online diaries but they quickly developed into so much more. There are no frills, bells or whistles. You just get page after gage -- usually on someone else's server - to put all the text and pictures you want.

You can write about anything you like from your family life to what's happening in your workplace to what you think about politics, sport religion or anything else that takes your fancy.

You will be amazed at what people want to read.

If a topic interests you, you can be certain it's going to interest someone else. Those people will come to you blog, read your comments and views and click on you ads.

You'll be getting paid by Google to talk about your favorite subject.

Making money doesn't get any better than that.

But what makes blogging such an attractive option for people who want to make money with AdSense is that you can be up and running in minutes. Because blogs themselves are so simple - you can think of them as online notebooks that anyone can read - you don't have to worry about layout or which pages you need to build or even what you site should be about.

All you have to do is select the blogging service you want to use, pick one of the professional-looking templates they have available and write the first thing that comes into your head.

You can update you blog with a new entry as often as you wish, join blogging circles to bring plenty of interested visitors in quickly and of course, optimize your AdSense ads to blend them into the site.

And Google loves blogs. The company loves the fact that the pages change frequently. They love the fact that a good blog builds a loyal fan base. And they love the fact that most blogs focus on one particular topic.

All of that means good search engine rankings, well contextualized ads and plenty of good revenue that can start flowing in within just days of launch.

Oh... and did I mention that many blogging services are free?

For more information about how to setup AdSense with your blog, feel free to visit my blog at Clarence's Internet Marketing Insights.

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Configure Google's Custom Search Engine For AdSense

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Configure Google's Custom Search Engine For AdSense Income
By Steven Weber

I have a friend who is using Google's Custom Search Engine along with AdSense with great success. Google's CSE, Custom Search Engine using AdSense is available to anyone with an AdSense account.

If you are not aware of how the CSE works, read on.

A Google Custom Search Engine is a plain Google search box...on steroids. The sign-up page can be found by doing a search in Google for "Google CSE". It costs nothing to sign up for the custom search engine.

Basically, what it allows you to do is to customize the search results of a Google search on your site. YOU have the power to make the results very relevant for your niche.

Let's say you wish the niche you are targeting to be one of the keywords "eye problem". You'd first create an optimized site just like normal. But then you would also go into your CSE account and create a custom search engine and populate it with the best possible links you could find for "eye problems". Use all the WebMD type sites you could find.

While in your CSE account you also specify your AdSense account number so all the clicks within it will credit your AdSense account. While configuring the account, be sure to specify that you want the AdSense ads to appear above the search results. In my opinion the custom search engine will generate higher click throughs with the ads above the organic results.

The idea here is to make the custom search engine VERY valuable for the users so that they will make multiple searches with it; thus they spend more time there and may click an ad or two.

Next, on the page above the search box, you can have a heading such as this: "Do a search for an eye doctor in your city or state".

Then in small text you could give an example such as: "Austin eye doctors"

Then when a visitor does a search with his or her town for eye doctors, some VERY targeted AdSense ads will appear. These will have a very high CTR; many of the ads will say "Austin Eye Doctor". People will click!

Like I said, I know someone who is doing this with many different areas and is very successful at it.

Think about it! This method offers up a whole new twist on using AdSense. There are thousands of possible ideas which will work very well. Anytime people might search for exact locations, exact model types, exact anything, is a good time to use a Google Custom Search Engine.

Steve Weber quit the rat race and now works full time from his home. Want to learn how you can do it too? Click here for a free video =>

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Don't Settle For Cents With AdSense

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Don't Settle For Cents With AdSense - 8 Things You Need to Know For Success With AdSense Websites
By Jane Mcgowan

Now that I've got your attention I know you're wondering why anyone would want to go into an internet business that's only going to make you "cents". The fact is that lots of people all over the internet are building massive fortunes with the virtual AdSense empires. It's not unheard of to build a six or seven figure income in a relatively short period of time if you follow these "dos" and "Don'ts" of how to use AdSense.

People that tell you AdSense is dead or AdSense doesn't work are just not building their empires the right way and understanding how to make AdSense work.

Here's my list of my top "Dos" and "Don'ts" for generating revenue with your AdSense websites:

1. Don't put AdSense on your primary income generating pages (ie: sales pages, landing pages, etc.). If the intent of the page is to make income from your own product or an affiliate product, you do not want to have AdSense on the page. Why set yourself and your page up to earn just a few cents from a click of an AdSense ad when you could be making much much more money by selling your own/affiliate products from that page. AdSense ads on income generating pages are distracting to the visitors and may result in you losing your visitor and your sale altogether. Once an AdSense ad is clicked on they are taken off of your page you've potentially lost a sale. Sure, you'll get those few cents or dollars for the AdSense click, but is it worth it to risk losing the bigger sale? You need to understand that clicks on AdSense ads take visitors away from the page they are on.

2. Don't stick up a simple one page website with tons of Google AdSense on it and expect to make money from that page. The more pages you have on your website and the more good and relevant content you provide to your visitors, the more page views from that visitor and the greater the potential they will click on an AdSense ad and you earn money from that visitor. Additionally more pages and more contents means more relevant AdSense ads which increases your Click Through Rates. It is very difficult to get a single page website indexed and optimized for any of the search engines so the more pages you have the better your chances of getting ranked by the major search engines.

3. Don't ever ever click on your own website AdSense ads, or for that matter encourage your friends or associates to click them on for you. This is a total violation of Google AdSense and your account will be ripped away immediately if Google determines there is suspicious click throughs on your websites. Once Google cancels your AdSense account it takes an act of God to get it back, so RESIST all temptation to click on any of your own AdSense ads.

4. Do update your websites and keep them fresh with new content. Google loves it when you add new content to your websites. You might even want to consider adding a blog and a forum to your AdSense websites. Blogs and forums are great sources of new updated content. If you add a blog make sure you add it right to your websites, ie:

5. Do take all of the articles you write for your website content and submit them to the article directories. My favorite article directories are,,, and now the newest one Once your articles are approved by the article sites you'll start to see results in the search engines. In addition other website owners and bloggers that pick up your articles to add to their sites will provide backlinks to your AdSense Niche Sites from the links you provide in your "resource box" and the more backlinks you receive the higher your site will rank in the search engines. Do write lots and lots of articles and keep submitting them on a regular basis. These same articles can be added to your website as new content and visa versa so you only have to write the content once and use it twice.

6. Do Blog about your AdSense websites. The 200 Instant AdSense Niche Templates I'm offering have matching Wordpress Templates. If you use the AdSense template to build a niche in "Afghans" for example, then you'll also have a matching "Afghan" Wordpress Template. Blogging is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and get additional backlinks to your AdSense websites. In addition by adding the blog as a page of your original AdSense website you will be continuously adding new content.

7. Do build your AdSense websites with the primary intent to provide good content and earn revenues with AdSense. If you spend the time developing an informative website and drive free traffic to it you will make money with AdSense. Some niches will make more money than others...but your cost to develop these AdSense sites is your time so every "Cent" you earn is just pure profit beyond the cost of your time.

8. Do build an empire of AdSense sites. You can build your own virtual empire of 200 niche websites with the templates I'm offering. The more sites you build, the more AdSense revenue you will earn. If you build 10 sites that earn you $30 per month then that's an extra $300 per month of auto-pilot income. If those same sites are making $50 per month then that's $500, and so on and so on. You do the math. You're not going to make a fortune from one single AdSense websites, but realize the power of building lots of AdSense websites and multiplying your income with each site you build. The more you build and optimize the more you earn. The object is to build...optimize...rinse...and repeat....over and over again. The more you build niche sites with AdSense then obviously the more AdSense revenue you will earn...and this is revenue that will continue month after month after month. There's virtually no end!

If you're considering adding AdSense as an additional source of revenue to your internet business then you should consider getting your hands on these 200 AdSense Ready Niche Website Templates that have been professionally optimized for AdSense and the search engines. These website templates make building your own virtual real estate empire easy and in addition to that they have resell rights so you'll have your own product to sell. Why spend weeks and months studying and using trial and error to determine proper AdSense ad placement? These 200 niche website templates that already have the AdSense correctly built into them. You can have your first site up and online in less than a day. Oh, and they also have resell rights!

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